Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: When is camp?
A: North Star Quest Camp happens in two camp sessions.  They are usually the last two weeks in July, or the last week in July, and the first week of August.  See the Registration Page for this year’s details.  

Q: What does NSQ Camp do with the information it has about campers?
A: NSQ Camp only gathers what is needed to provide care for campers.  All information is kept confidential. We will never share your information with anyone.

Q: Can I go to both camps?
A: Sorry, no. We do the same program twice with new campers and counselors at each camp.

Q: Is it a "sleep-away camp"?
A: Yes. Campers stay Sunday afternoon to Thursday afternoon.

Q: Is there transportation provided?
A: NSQ's Registrar will arrange car-pooling during the registration process.  If your camper needs a ride, or if you have some extra seats, we'll talk about it then. 

Q: When do I drop off / pick up my camper?
A: Campers are asked to arrive at 3pm on Sunday, then they stay at the campground until family brunch on Thursday.  Parents, guardians, friends, and supporters are invited to join us at the Mattole Camp on Thursday morning from 10:00-11:00am for family brunch. After hugs and food, we will enjoy a performance by the campers about what they learned at camp. Expect to be back on the road, headed home between 12:30 and 1:00.

Q: Where is camp held?
A: Mattole Camp and Retreat Center, 36841 Mattole Road, Petrolia, CA 95558

About 14 miles south of Eureka, take the Ferndale Exit and follow the signs  to Ferndale.  At the far end of town turn right on Ocean Ave then left on Mattole Road. 
(From here it will be roughly an hour on a rural country road known as "The Wildcat" for its twists and turns.)
First you will travel up and down through wooded hills, through some small valleys like Cape Town.
Next the road will drop down to sea level, and follow the coast for a few miles along the beach.
Once you start traveling up off the beach, you are about 30 minutes away.
In Petrolia CA, the Mattole Road takes a few turns, but stick with the line in the middle of the road, and you won't be sidetracked.
The camp is about 7 miles past Petrolia, up and down a few more hills.
The A.W. Way County Park, will come up on the right.
Mattole Camp and Retreat is just past the next left hand bend in the road.
Entrance is on the left, before the one lane bridge.  
There will be a North Star Quest sign next to the driveway.

Q: How do I register for camp?
A: Go to our Registration Page, where you can download a registration form as soon as they are available for the year. Send in or drop off the signed form along with fees* to our offices in the Ink People Center for the Arts: NSQ c/o TIP  525 7th Street, Eureka, CA 95501 If you need to have a form or forms sent to you, contact us. *We will not turn a girl away because she can't pay. See scholarship form on the Registration Page form for details.

Q: How do I get a scholarship?
A: Fill out and send in a scholarship form along with your registration form which can both be found on our Registration Page. Spots are filled in the order we receive your signed paper form(s) by postmark. We reserve a MINIMUM of 30% of our spots for campers who complete scholarship requests. Please call us if you need more information.

Q: What's camp like?
A: Fun and enlightening. Read the "Day at Camp"

Q: Who can go to camp?
A: Any female identified individual who is going into 6th through 8th grade next fall.  We reserve the right to refuse registration to a camper if they are deemed a danger to themselves or others.

Q. Something has happened in my life and I can't go to camp after all.  Can I get a refund?

A: We understand that life can throw surprises.  Up to 2 weeks before the begining of Camp One, we will refund your fees minus 15% due to bank and administrative fees.  After the two weeks out deadline, two weeks before the beginning of Camp 1, we cannot provide refunds.  If you need detailed assistance with this, please call and speak with us.

Q: How can I help?
A: Donate or volunteer.  Contact us and tell us about your unique gifts.

Q: What do I need to bring?
A: During the intake process we will send you a What to Bring Letter with car pool information, balance due, and more. Feel free to review it now on the Campers Pages.

Q: Are there beds and showers?
A: Yes. Campers sleep indoors in little cabins with bunks, private showers, and electricity. Most other camp activities besides meals are outdoors.

Q: What about food?
A: All meals are provided, including snacks and treats.  Most dietary restrictions can be accommodated. (Vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, lactose free, nut allergies, etc.)  There is a place on the Registration Form to list dietary needs.  

Q: Do you have any medical staff? 
A: There is a Registered Nurse on staff to dispense prescribed medication, administer aid, and give emergency care if necessary.

Q: Is NSQ affiliated with a church or group like Campfire or Girls Inc.?
A: No. We are a totally local non-profit project of the Ink People Center for the Arts based in Eureka, CA. We rent out the Mattole Camp which is owned by the Presbytery of the Redwoods.

Q: Is this an "arts" camp?
A: Not entirely. NSQ is devoted to fostering confidence and self respect in adolescent girls. Many activities are creative, and include a variety of "arts" such as drawing, painting, cooking, dancing, writing, and performance.  There are also a variety of other activities including sports, science, crafts, games, and swimming.

Q: Is this a camp for "at risk" girls?
A: We do not seek out or reject campers who are labelled "at risk."  
NSQ is a safe confidential space where all are welcome.  Every adolescent, regardless of where they come from, or what they've been through can benefit from activities like the ones we offer. All the NSQ campers are treated equally with compassion, respect, and individual attention to their needs and strengths. If you have specific concerns about your camper, please call NSQ Camp at 707-633-4522.

Q: Can I pay by credit card?
A: Yes. To pay with your credit card, please call the Ink People office at 707-442-8413. Tuesday through Friday from 9a-5p.  (This number is for credit card transactions only.  For all other NSQ Camp questions, call the camp line at 707-633-4522.) Paying does NOT reserve a spot. We must receive your paper registration form in hand to hold a camp spot.