* NSQ 2018

Camp One
July 22 to July 26

Camp Two
July 29 to August 2

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Help send a girl to camp

How to give to NSQ

At NSQ, we believe that all girls can benefit from an empowering Summer camp whether her family can afford to send her or not.  Each year we take the first 72 campers in the order we receive their forms by postmark with no preference to their ability to pay.  Then we bake sale, car wash, benefit show, and pancake breakfast our way to making up the difference.  You can help.

75% of girls get some kind of financial aid, 30% - 50% pay less than $20

Sometimes they bring us their jars of pennies, and crumpled birthday money.

If you would like to help keep NSQ Camp available to any girl who asks to go, make a secure donation to the Ink People at the link below.